Seashell Bejmat


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Hand cut Moroccan Bejmat tiles with a glazing we like to call seashell, a light beige that is close to warm grey.

Characteristic of Bejmat tiles is the rectangular shape. The edge of the tile is cut with a chisel, each tile is therefore different giving extra charm to the hand-crafted product. After being cut they are left bare or glazed by hand, resulting in stunning nuances. Our Bejmat tiles are available in the same beautiful colour shades as the zelliges shown here and are ideal for kitchen, bathroom and sanitary areas.

Ordered tiles can not be exchanged or returned. Variations in color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of this product and should be expected.

Read more about our Moroccan tiles and how to install them here.

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Quantity: boxed and ordered per square meter

Dimensions: 5 by 15 cm, 1.5 cm in thickness

Origin: Fez, Morocco

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