Equality Fragrances

Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. It has the power to trigger memories and influence actions. It has the power to make us and people around us feel good. This is what equality is about.

Knowing that intolerance towards people’s origin, colour, race, culture, religion, gender and sexuality still exists, Lukas Görlitz, the founder of Equality Fragrances, was in search of a simple way to remind and encourage people to live with love instead. This became Equality Fragrances.

For him, Equality is not just a perfume, it's a statement too. Whoever wears it needs no words to understand what human values are all about. It’s on you.

Off all profits, Equality Fragrances donates 10% to International Justice Mission (IJM), a global organization fighting slavery and violence against people in poverty.