Soft Triangle Table


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The Soft Triangle table is designed as a small piece of furniture yet with a massive appearance and strong presence. As the result of a play with geometric forms, the low side table takes a shape in-between that of a triangle and a circle. The same equivocal outline is applied to its three legs.

With its compact body milled out of a solid block of wood, Soft Triangle someway reminded the designers of a wooden chopping block, yet its soft and round shapes provide the side table with a serene expression. Distinctive details of this furniture piece are the finely elaborated rim around the tabletop and the beautiful, complex curves at the bottom.


Material: Japanese chestnut

Dimensions: w 55, d 53, h 33.3 cm

Designer: Taf

Made by: Karimoku New Standard

Origin: Japan

Shipping: 2 to 4 weeks

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