Colour Wood Plain Small


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This small Colour Wood Plain table is made of the most beautiful chestnut, designed by Scholten & Baijings for Karimoku New Standard.

The series of polygonal side and sofa tables with its distinctive barrel-like leg explore craft traditions and the characteristics of low diameter wood. They come in three sizes with different heights and diameters.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese wood joint technique 'yatoi-sanetsugi', the legs are made of individual laths that are elaborately connected at intricate angles to form a round tapered base. The edges of the 15-sided tabletops reflect the 15 facets of the base. Like all Karimoku New Standard items, they are beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail.


Material: Japanese chestnut

Dimensions: Ø 50.5, h 45.3 cm

Designer: Scholten & Baijings

Made by: Karimoku New Standard

Origin: Japan

Shipping: 2 to 3 weeks

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