Equality Eau De Parfum 5ml


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Equality Fragrances truly believes in the power of scent. A scent has the unique power to trigger memories and influence actions. The unisex Equality Eau De Parfum is connected with a statement of tolerance and openness. Equality’s message is clear: wear it and believe in it.

Equality Eau De Parfum has a distinct earthy body, balanced out with soft jasmine nuances and completed by the unique scent of yourself. A perfect interplay of mild and strong, of stimulating and comforting, speaking to your entire being.

Off all profits, Equality Fragrances donates 10% to International Justice Mission (IJM), a global organization fighting slavery and violence against people in poverty.

Being geneder netural, Equality Eau De Parfum is responsibly made in Germany with a 20% perfume oil concentration.


Notes: Sandalwood, Cardamom, Jasmine

Content: 5 ml

Made by: Equality Fragrances

Origin: Germany

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