Openhouse Magazine No. 18


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Openhouse Magazine is a guide to creative people around the world who open their homes and private spaces to the public to share cultural activities and experience life together.

Issue No. 17: Stepping back to a simpler life

Inspired by the poem of Octavio Paz, La Vida Sencilla [The Simple Life], in this issue the authors dive into the stories of people who have taken a step back into their lives and practices with sterling results.

Jaume Roig applies this idea to his art in pottering and painting. Iker. Ochotorena homage to the vacuum in architecture. Chef Kobus van der Merwe cooks just with the local ingredients he finds in the fisher town of Paternoster, South Africa, where his restaurant Wolfgat is located. Meanwhile, Casa Josephine Studio work-process leads Pablo and Iñigo to find the unpretentious perfection in design.


Publication date: 27 October, 2022

Made by: Openhouse Magazine

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

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