Scented Candle St. Pauls

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In the suggestive ritual of turning light into fragrance to enhance spatial experiences, St. Pauls Scented Candle sets an ambiance in the surrounding space with a comforting and evocative scent.

St. Pauls, Frama's signature fragrance and the Apothecary Collection's first scent, is a complex yet delicate essence. With an earthy formulation and distinctive freshness, it embodies the epitome of the brand.

The vegan Bougies Parfumées, as Frama likes to call their scented candles, are contained in a beaker made of glass, which the flame casts through while releasing the perfume of the familiar St. Pauls scent. The candle is made with responsibly sourced vegetable oil wax.

Key notes: lemongrass, coriander, sandalwood, cedarwood
Aroma: herbal, spicy, woody


Material: vegetable oil wax, glass container, wooden lid

Dimensions: Ø 5.5, h 7.5 cm, 60 gr / Ø 7, h 9 cm, 170 gr

Made by: Frama Studio

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

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