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You might remember we had this piece of Library Shelving by Frama displayed in our store in The Hague, mostly filled with beautiful Japanese ceramics. It is now on offer as an ex-display product with 35% off.

The shelves are treated with white oil, making the wood slightly lighter than when treated with regular oil without giving is the old fashioned white wash look. The brackets and bolts are stainless steel. This piece of furniture is in perfect condition.

Shelf Library is a continuation of the recognised shelf design by Frama. Fastened with solid steel screws on oak rails, the shelves can easily be placed and re-styled in a variety of ways.

Section includes:

– 3 x Rails h 185.2 cm
– 4 x Shelves d 20, w 80 cm with brackets
– 6 x Shelves d 27, w 80 cm with brackets


Dimensions: w 160, d 27, h 185.2 cm

Material: solid white oiled oak, steel brackets

Info: each shelf can hold 25 kg (depending on wall material and mounting)


Design: Kim Richardt, 2016

Made by: Frama Studio

Availability: pick up or delivery in The Netherlands only

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