Square 1 Rusty Red


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To us, Square 1 is the first good looking extension cord ever. It is not just a pretty thing, it has many handy features too, like USB ports and an integrated magnet so yo can stick it anywhere you like, whether it is on a wall, cabinet or table.

Available in different colours, the Square 1 by Avolt combines functionality with a beautiful design, allowing you to add the final touch to your home or workspace.

Square 1 comes with 3 sockets, 2 USB ports and a flexible cable and uniquely designed plug. 


Material: pvc, plastic (pc, abs) and 20% recycled materials 

Dimensions: 7.6 by 7.6 cm

Cable length: 1.8 m

Sockets: 3 sockets type F - 16 A, 100-240V - 50/60 hz, max 3680W)

USB: 2 USB type A

Made by: Avolt

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