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Morrocan tiles

The Moroccan tile collections that we carry are fairly produced with respect for nature. Producing these tiles, our suppliers strive to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

The craftsmen are ensured fair wages and are offered a clean and safe work environment. Besides, extensive secondary benefits, such as pension accrual, free medical service, vacation days and paid hours if overtime is required.


Custom sizes
Upon request, custom sizes can be produced. Naturally, the lead time will be longer, but please do not hesitate to get in touch and share your project.



You are welcome to pick up your tiles from our store in The Hague. If you prefer to get your tiles delivered, an additional 30,- (up to 5 sqm) will be invoiced when the tiles are ready to ship.

Because of their weight, we only ship tiles within The Netherlands. If you wish to order them from elsewhere, please get in touch so we can see what's possible and get you a quote for shipping.


Installing Moroccan zelliges and bejmat tiles

Moroccan zelliges can be installed by any skilled tiler, following these steps.

Check _ Check the delivered tiles before installing them and report any defects as soon as possible. We cannot accept complaints about visible defects in processed tiles.

Sort the tiles _ Work from different boxes and ensure a good distribution of the different shades.

Clean the surface _ The surface must be flat, clean, free of grease, square and dry.

Double bonding _ Apply suitable glue to both the back of the tile and to the wall, using a 6 or 8mm trowel.

Placing _ Place the tiles as tightly together as possible. Try to work in well-arranged areas of, for example, 5 by 5 tiles.

Cutting _ When neccessary, cut the Zelliges with a water-cooled tile saw or an angle grinder with a diamond disc.

Waste tiles _ Although our Zelliges are of the best quality, there may occasionally be crooked tiles, tiles with lime pits or tiles with very different dimensions or thickness. Use these 'bad' tiles as cutting tiles.

Let dry _ After the tile adhesive has dried (usually after a day), the tiles can be grouted.

Grout _ The spaces between the tiles and any irregularities must be grouted. As soon as the grout starts to dry, remove off the excess grout with a dry cloth.


View our complete Moroccan tile collection here.

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