Japanese Hinoki Soap Dish


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Beautifully simple soap dish made of fragrant Hinoki Cypress Wood.

Hinoki wood is said to have antibacterial properties. Besides, the ridged design of the soap dish prevents slippage and allows proper draining of any excess water, allowing your soap to last longer.

Established in 1960, Tosaryu is located amidst the mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan. Since then, Tosaryu's skilled woodworkers use Hinoki for making home products.

Hinoki groves exposing to strong winds make the wood more resilient and increase oil production. Using sustainable production methods, and in their careful use of local resources, Tosaryu’s mission remains loyal to the forests and lakes around them as they master their art of woodwork.


Material: Hinoki Cypress Wood

Dimensions: l 12, d 8.5, h 3 cm

Made by: Tosaryu

Origin: Kochi, Japan

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